Goodbye, Uncle Sam!

For a while now I have been considering going back to the United States, just for a visit to the old places where I once lived, but I have totally given up on that idea. President Trump was a good reason not to go but he does not represent the majority of Americans. Certainly not the ones I care for.

This morning I read the news and after a few lines it was clear to me. I will never ever go back to the USA, not for a million dollars. I read that US customs officials are considering to ask foreigners for passwords of all their mobile devices while entering the Land of the Free. It is silly of course, because every traveller will check before leaving for he US whether his or her device has information on it that could possible trigger suspicion. So, the bad guys will invent beter ways to cover up data. One of the easiest methods is to store sensitive data on paper in a language Americans don’t understand. That gives them a wide range of languages to choose from because Americans as a rule only speak English and not very well either.

Any foreign language is like 256-bits encryption to them.

Most of us are aware that if we visit the US chances are we will be shot by a policeman, or by some person who owns a collection of automatic weapons and happens to be mentally ill at the same time. Staying in Europe however will drastically increase your odds of actually being hit by an attack of terrorists who are sick and tired of America’s meddling in the Middle East.

As a direct result of American aggression Europe is being invaded by thousands of fugitives every week. That is supposed to be our problem. Right wing extremists here blame the Islam but it makes a lot more sense to blame the USA.

So years after 9/11 we can safely state that Osama Bin Laden and the many terrorists after him have won. Looking at the USA as the land of the free has become a joke.

If there is any good in all of this, I guess leaking all that classified information about secret backdoors in our mobile devices has made American officials quite humble. No relying on state of the art technology any more. They now have to ask for your password instead.

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