Welcome to the Unofficial Hans van der Kamp Photography website!

Amsterdam based photographer Hans van der Kamp specializes in portraits. His works often have an erotic theme and can even be quite explicit.

Lorenzo Pereira – Curator for WIDEWALLS.CH on erotica, art and Van der Kamp’s work:
Some people may find themselves embarrassed while participating in the performances by Marina Abramovic. That is actually what the art is really about – what our perception (as viewers) on artist’s work is. Yet, there are still complaints when it comes to representing the nudity, erotica or pornographically labeled works in the contemporary art scene. Many would call those works provocative and perverse. And that’s partially true – they are provocative, and they should be provocative. But it doesn’t mean that they are pure erotica and pornography alone; they are also art, the art of nude. The work by Dutch photographer Hans van der Kamp would probably provoke the same questions some of which are tackled above. He is an internationally recognized artist, a photographer, yet probably best known as creator within the art of nude. Therefore his works would probably be labeled as quite provocative.

Why the Unofficial website?

Van der Kamp is a photographer who likes to create websites to promote his work and the works of other artists. To give an example: in 1996 he created AMEA // World Museum of Erotic Art and the site is still going strong. Over the years the site had many new interfaces to be compatible with the demands of ever changing technology. Not all of these interfaces were successful. The presentation of his photography is crucial to Van der Kamp, because he rarely shows up at openings of photography exhibits (not even his own) and lately he has stopped participating in most social networking sites.

Every two or three years a new site is created for Van der Kamp’s photography. The last one was built a little over two years ago to meet the demand of mobile devices. This new site will be tested for a while and if successful, this site will eventually replace the official hansvanderkamp.com website. If not, you will probably see a completely new setup here in a few months.

What’s new about this interface?

Unlike the previous Hans van der Kamp photography website, there is a lot more focus on social networking. Instead of leaving it all up to Mr. Zuckerberg with his army of nipple scared nerds censoring anything but expressions of hate and slander, this site will be open for a small group of people interested in Van der Kamp’s work. A free registration will be necessary to enjoy all the benefits of this new site. You will notice there is a group called Tutti Frutti where you can post your own photography to be judged and maybe even praised by the master photographer and his friends.